Osulloc | Insa-dong Street, Seoul

If you truly, absolutely, love green tea like I do, you should really, really visit this place if you happen to be in Seoul and have no time to go to Jeju Island where the high quality tea comes from. On the first floor, they have an extensive assortment of tea that you could take home, and on the second floor is the cafe where we tried their super yummy green tea desserts.

It is a little pricey here, but definitely worth every single Won. I had theĀ King O Fredowhich is a floral-sweet green tea milkshake topped with thick cream and smooth green tea ice cream, green tea cake cubes and a crunchy butter cookie. I also tried a bit of their special set which had a huge bowl of patbingsu or Korean dessert with very finely shaved green tea ice topped with sweet red bean, green tea soft serve and rice cake cubes, plus a chocolate roll filled with green tea cream. Truly a green tea heaven!

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Korean Street Food | Myeongdong, Seoul

Taken by my super talented (and hungry) husband, G. If ever you get a chance to visit Myeongdong these days, I highly, highly recommend trying the barbeque (last photo of the series) which was packed with juicy, flavorful meat! You can choose to slather on whichever sauce you want - we went for the teriyaki flavored sauce which was perfect!

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Pajeon | Kwangjang Market, Seoul

This is probably one of the most common dishes you’ll see whether on the streets, in markets, or in restaurants in Korea. Pajeon is a cross between a pancake and an omelette and usually has spring onion and seafood (particularly squid) in it. This market vendor seemed particularly excited that tourists like us were happily munching on the pajeon she made that she added a whole handful of chilies in our soy sauce dip and gave us a side of kimchi.

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