My calendar for the next few months (months, not weeks) is extremely packed with offsite training, regional meetings, presentations, deadlines, paperwork plus fun stuff like catching up with friends, mini travels, etc etc etc!!! 

So today I celebrated the end of what seemed like a long week at Koreatown, one of my favorite places in NYC. G treated me to japchae and haemul pajeon at Wonjo, then we dropped by this little cafe called Ele.

What definitely pulled me in was their Green Tea Chiffon Cake, so I ordered a slice of that, along with a glass mug of pretty ginseng and lily flower tea. As usual, G got something chocolate (chocolate mousse) plus something marshmallow (marshmallow latte). Overall, I thought the desserts and drinks were not bad, but not exceptional either. I couldn’t taste the green tea in my chiffon cake (but the cream topping was light and fluffy and the cake was soft), and G’s chocolate mousse was not even sliced nicely to begin with. My tea surprisingly had a very deep flavor but it was fine, while G’s latte tasted like coffee with plain marshmallows on top. Nonetheless, it was a nice way to unwind a bit before heading home.

Ele New York Koreatown Chocolate Mousse Marshmallow Latte Ginseng and lily flower tea Green Tea Chiffon Cake Dessert TGIF Food Coffee Tea

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