Arroz Caldo

Thursday has become risotto day here at home, but I wanted to change things a bit tonight because I’ve been feeling under the weather the whole week. So I made arroz caldo (Spanish for rice broth), which is a Filipino version of what some people may know as congee. 

Arroz caldo is a comforting dish of rice and chicken in chicken broth, with spicy ginger, salty fish sauce, sweet onion, flavorful toasted garlic, and sharp spring onion/scallions. Oh, and a yummy hard boiled egg. (No calamansi or Filipino lime though, since I can’t find any here.) It is really hard to explain how this dish tastes, but it is an absolutely hearty and comforting dish (I really cannot say this enough). My mom always made arroz caldo when one of us wasn’t feeling well.

So I used Jun Belen’s recipe (he has an absolutely wonderful Filipino food blog btw, so you guys should check it out if you haven’t yet) as a guide, though I practically doubled the chicken, ginger and garlic for more flavor. I didn’t add saffron because 1. it’s just so expensive 2. my mom never really used it whenever she made arroz caldo, and it still tasted delicious.

It really reminded me so much of home.

Arroz Caldo Spanish-Filipino Rice Congee Chicken Food Recipe

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