I know I should be sleeping as it is 2am in the morning, but I really, really need to move on with wedding stuff. Now designing our wedding invites so we can start printing and giving them out.

Anyway…here are some pics of Dakasi milk tea that G (Oreo Milk Tea) and I (Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea) had before he took me to my first wedding gown fitting today. This was the first time we tried milk tea from this particular store - I like their milk tea because it is not too sweet. And while I gained some weight, I lost an inch for most of my gown measurements (don’t know how but I’m not complaining!). Need to be careful this holiday season though. :P

Wedding Prep Stress Milk Tea Dakasi Drink

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    Want to try milk tea from here soo bad >_< The cups are adorable! My fav drink + my love for travel is why I love this...
  2. jodiesmommy said: Wow! Congrats for the inch!! Lapit na!!
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