Green Pastures

After a couple of futile attempts to get a table at Green Pastures, my family was finally able to have our first 100% all organic meal at this place.

We ordered quite a lot of food but some stood out: The refreshing native orange sweetness of the Organic Dalandan Juice, the crispness of the Caesar Salad, the meatiness of the Lamb Ragu (though I’m still not much of a lamb fan), the sinful fried thickness of the Chicken Fried Bacon, the flavorful seafood goodness of the Pan Roasted Swordfish (the clam and seaweed broth was a little too salty for my taste though), and the meaty juiciness of their burgers like the 80/20 Burger (80% Wagyu beef; 20% double smoked organic pancetta) and Sliders (sampling of their 3 burgers - Vegetarian Burger that Doesn’t Suck, Blue Ribbon Burger, Meat on Meat Classic Cheeseburger).

Oh, and their fries were so addicting! Fried to a nice golden crisp and topped with Parmesan and fresh herbs, I kept on helping myself off of G’s and my sister’s fries. And yes, don’t forget to try the Pan Roasted Bacon if you’re a fan of that stuff.

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