Calea Pastries and Coffee

For some reason it had completely slipped my mind that Bacolod was the “sugar cane capital of the Philippines” and that during my short work trip there, we ended up eating A WHOLE LOT of sweets…there were so many cafes in the area! Calea is the most popular of the lot, and I could see why. Their desserts were oh-so-decadent - my colleagues and I shared the Choco Mud Pie (it was like biting into a slice of pure, creamy chocolate ice cream), the White Chocolate Cheesecake (usually I find cheesecakes too rich for my liking but this had just the right amount of richness and I loved the strawberry sauce too), the Imported Chocolate Cake (perfect from the smooth ganache to the soft chocolate cake to the caramel center), and the Banana Parfait (which had layers of chocolate ganache, cream and slices of banana). 

Oh, plus their coffee is really good too! I had a cappuccino (no sugar, thank you very much) and it paired perfectly with all the sugary goodness we had!

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White chocolate wasabi (yes, wasabi!) semifreddo and coffee on a gloomy rainy Thursday.

You feel a slight familiar kick of wasabi in your nose, followed by a sweet creaminess, then the distinct nutty crunch of the pistachios. Definitely a unique flavor for a semifreddo!

Oh, and what I liked about their coffee is that they serve a small glass of water to cleanse your palate after finishing the coffee.

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I’ve always had the red bean filled Melona ice cream sandwiches before, but we saw these chocolate filled ones at a Korean store and just had to try them! I was a little disappointed with my first few bites because the chocolate wasn’t evenly spread, then came this thick semisweet chocolatey goodness that balanced the sweet creaminess of the vanilla ice cream and the light crunch of the thin wafer. I am torn as to whether I like red bean or chocolate better, but I definitely think both variants are super delicious!

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